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Holidays are so much fun! Exploring new environments, doing the things you love and making new friends

But what about your poor doggie left behind?

What if THEY could have a Doggie Holiday?!

If you’re looking for a home away from home where your dog will be personally loved and cared for then our Doggie Holidays are for you!

This is perfect for your dog if they don’t do well in group environments with lots of other dogs and yet having a pet-sitter stay at your home doesn’t work for you either.

We would love to welcome your dog into our home and take care of them as if they were their own while you’re away.

Before you leave, you’ll bring your dog for a free ‘paw’rientation to make sure they’ll be happy in their holiday environment and can get to know us.

You can chat to us about your dog’s wants and needs, likes and dislikes and feel fully reassured that they get it and want to love your dog (almost!) as much as you do!

And while you’re away you’ll get twice daily pet care journals including photos of your dog out on walks and having fun.

Unleashed Pet Services

We Aim to

take the stress out of leaving your pets by providing our clients with professional service that is always reliable, reasonable, and worry-free. If you worry about leaving your pet home alone, whether it's for a couple of hours during the work day or longer trips out of town, we are here to provide your pets with the same love and care that they have experienced from you. We make every effort to ensure your pet is just as happy as if you were there yourself!

We are more

than just a dog walking service! We provide individual and personalized care for each of the pets under our trust. Our full list of services - including dog walking, in your home pet sitting, pet visits, puppy play-time, and dog boarding - is structured to provide pets with the highest quality of individual care and ensure pet owners that their pets are in capable hands while they're away.

Unleashed Pet Services
Unleashed Pet Services
Cat sitting unleashed pet services
Unleashed Pet Services
Unleashed Pet Services
Unleashed Pet Services

Our Services

Dog Boarding

Going away for a break? Day and night boarding options available Send us an email to find out about our boarding services

Puppy Visits

Sometimes a busy work schedule may mean that you are unable to get home to visit your puppy as often as you’d like. We can help! Send us an email to find out more.

Cat Sitting

Do you need someone to drop by and spend some time with your cats? Send us an email to find out about our Cat Sitting packages.

Dog Walking

We have group and solo walking options available. Send us an email to find out more.

Frequent Questions

When it comes to group dog walking, Unleashed Pet Services will never walk more than 5 dogs at any one time and we ensure that temperamentally as well as geographically suitable dogs are walked together.  
Group dog walks are a fantastic way to socialise your dog and build their confidence and they gain greatly from this social aspect of their walks.

Absolutely. We are very flexible when it comes to booking. A text, email or phone call the day before will ensure a walk is booked or cancelled.

Yes. If your dog is very nervous around other dogs then we can provide solo walks. However, one of the biggest benefits of group dog walking is how much it can improve your dog’s socialisation. Therefore, if your dog is nervous but non aggressive, we can start off with solo walks and then slowly introduce him/ her to an appropriate group of friendly dogs, a little bit at a time. We are often amazed how quickly dogs can gain confidence and settle into a group dog walking with a little support from one of our lovely dog walkers.

Puppies usually have to go out every 2-3 hours. We will come to your house during the day and let the puppy out, feed and interact with the puppy at agreed times. We will also be able to introduce them to socialise with other dogs, once they have received their vaccinations.

No, as some animals have special requirements, we ask that pet parents continue to provide all of their pet’s supplies, including food. 

We provide a free in-home consultation so you feel comfortable with us around your pets and so your pets have an opportunity to meet and interact with us also. Caring for animals is a two part process, observing and monitoring. When we meet your pets for the first time it gives us an opportunity to make notes about their appearance and demeanor. That way, while caring for your pets we will be able to observe quickly if they are behaving strangely, if something is out of place or if they need special attention.

That’s not a problem. We’re happy to cover anywhere between Timaru and Dunedin